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Glenn Collinson
co-founder & former director of CSR Plc

Marketing Communications Tactics

Tools of the trade

Set out below are some of the practical, hands-on initiatives that occupy the day to day time of a Marketing Communications professional. These are the tools of Marketing Communications – the tools that translate a Marketing Communications Strategy into something that can be measured and shown to provide a tangible return on investment. They are also the deliverables that you can expect us to routinely provide for you as part of our contract with your company.

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Relationship building and Media management

What’s the difference between average and exceptional performance in the world’s media? Well there’s no denying that in large part it is predicated on a compelling proposition – but that doesn’t automatically translate into the positive press coverage. To reach out to customers and investors means effectively competing for the attention of the tier one press and analyst communities that matter and that means having strong professional relationships with them. Knowing who they are is a good start – we do. Knowing them personally is better – we do. But earning their respect so that they pick up the phone when you call is priceless.

Reactive press management

When you develop a reputation for leading your sector through effective PR management, media and analysts will seek out your company’s views on topics relevant to your proposition. You will enjoy opportunities, either reactively or proactively generated through ongoing engagement by myself and a worldwide network of PR professionals, to propagate the messages and values that contribute to your market positioning. We will work on story seeding and journalist 'buddying' to proactively drive your message into the right media. Working with the media and analyst community to manage these opportunities is key to achieving leadership status. You can expect to engage with the media and analyst communities in this way on a regular basis.

Press conferences, press tours, telephone and face to face interviews

A major product launch deserves more than a press release. A significant announcement is an important building block in the route to effective positioning of your proposition and you will want the world’s press and analyst communities give it the attention it deserves. But perhaps it’s daunting to consider how your company will actually manage the process. From finding and reserving the right venues, to attracting and inviting the right audience and then effectively managing the event, this is key to the successful execution of press and analyst conferences. You might typically conduct international press conferences for all tier one announcements, securing the participation of all key contacts in the media and analyst communities. You can expect us to coordinate all of the logistics for these events from professionally produced presentations to translation, localisation and interpretation services included as appropriate. We know who the active journalists are in Beijing. We know where the right press conference venues are in Taipei. And we know how to stage a round-table event in Tokyo or a roadshow on the west coast of the US. We know all this because it’s what we’ve been doing for the last decade. In short, we will do all the work necessary to stage successful conferences and interviews in all the major territories of the world.

Event management

Exhibitions aren’t for every company. They can be an expensive way to reach a limited audience. On the other hand they can be the catalyst to drive relationships at the highest levels if the proposition fits the event. You can expect us to manage all aspects of the delivery of exhibitions and conferences worldwide – to an exceptionally high standard. We work with professional partners to deliver a world class exhibition package at an extremely competitive cost – and you can expect us to take care of every aspect from planning to execution – from a simple pop-up in Cambridge to a million dollar presence at the world’s biggest events. Once an exhibition opportunity has been identified we work with you on the strategic justification. Then we do the design, the planning, the multimedia, the booth development, branding, construction, transport, insurance, assembly, dismantling and handle all of the exhibition organiser relationships. All you have to do is pitch up!

Copywriting and content creation

Press releases

The press release is a fundamental element in any PR strategy – it facilitates a continuous stream of relevant communications with the media, maintaining share of voice in a crowded marketplace dominated by noise from larger competitors. But there are good press releases and bad ones. Identifying the key elements of a proposition and articulating them in a media friendly way is key to being a player on the world stage. Articulating effective product, news and technology stories with compelling copy and then placing these stories with the publications that matter is what makes the difference. We’ve been doing that for twenty years; it’s not rocket science but getting world class leading coverage doesn’t “just happen”. World class copywriting comes as standard with us, and it works. You can expect three figure counts of press coverage, each and every month – assuming you have something interesting to say!

Technical articles, White Papers, Opinion Pieces

By definition, start-up companies are working at the leading edge of technology and their success is usually dependant on the adoption of those technologies. Technical articles and White Papers tell a story, influence, explain and convince, and in the process, they establish thought leadership reputations for the companies that produce them. A thought leadership reputation is one of the most valuable assets a start-up company can call upon when selling product to customers or companies to investors; it is a key building block of the company’s proposition. With a thought leadership reputation an interesting product or technology is elevated above competing propositions to become dominant. When you work with us, technical articles and White Papers are part of the programme of deliverables you can expect.

Brand development & management

Brand, in this context, means ensuring that the core messages important to the positioning of the company are properly understood, and then delivered across all collateral, all communications, through every channel and in every territory worldwide, in a professional and consistent way. All established companies do this. But for start-ups it's often lower down on the priority list; you can expect us to develop a strong corporate identity in line with the brand values agreed with you, and to then professionally manage the execution of that brand strategy.

Multimedia and video production

Sometimes text is the right format for communication. Sometimes a proposition can best be articulated using multimedia. Whatever the message, whatever the audience, you can expect us to deliver world class multimedia projects at a surprisingly low cost. We have long established relationships with multiple professional partners to create world class work. We’ve made extensive use of multimedia to articulate complex messages to an international audience, delivered in presentations, on websites, on CDs/DVDs and at exhibitions and conferences. Ask for our showreel for examples of our world-class work.

Website design and maintenance

A website forms part of the public face of any company, and ensuring the right message supported by the right design is critical. Our experience in creating CSR’s website nearly ten years ago and subsequently managing the evolution of the structure, content and look and feel over succeeding years means that we’re in an exceptionally good position to know what works and what doesn’t for start-ups. World class web designers deliver sites that work – and ensure that they are continuously managed and that they evolve to match the needs of the business as it grows and changes. You should expect us to incorporate the very best design philosophy and techniques to deliver a world class website – and then to maintain it.

Collateral design

Paper based collateral is not necessarily the most effective medium for communications. It can be expensive, it dates quickly and you will typically have too much or not enough. Nevertheless, there are applications where paper based literature is appropriate and you can expect us to deliver professional and cost effective collateral as required. We work with well established partners to ensure consistently high quality work in line with brand guidelines.

Control and feedback

You should expect to be able to measure the return on investment in Marketing Communications initiatives. We provide uniquely objective measurement of performance in every aspect of our work. We measure PR performance – we look at how much coverage is achieved every month. We look at where it comes from – geographically and by publication tier and individual title. We look at whether the key messages we agree form part of the published content and we look at how positive or negative that material is. We look at website traffic – we monitor how much traffic the website receives, where it comes from, both geographically and by referrer.

We look at how many repeat visitors come to the website, how long they spend there, where they go and what they download. We look at which parts of the pages on the site get the most clicks. And importantly, we look at the correlation between communications initiatives such as press initiatives and website traffic. In short, we know what we do works, and so will you. All of this data is produced every month and used to constantly monitor and improve what we do. But it’s also available to you so you can see how your Marketing Communications investment is resulting in tangible, objective results. Expect us to deliver detailed reports on a monthly basis so you can see that your money is working for you.