Alan defined how CSR would communicate to the world from the beginning. If you want your start-up to be heard all over the world, Alan's your man.

Glenn Collinson
co-founder & former director of CSR Plc

The Proposition

What do you actually get?

What do you get when you hire Cambridge Start-up? You get our full attention, time, and twenty years experience devoted to the development of a world class Marketing Communications Strategy, tailored explicitly to your needs. You get a total commitment to make it work. We will present you with a Marketing Communications strategy for agreement before any action is taken. And you’ll have a fully costed proposal for the actual deliverables. You get all this with no obligation on your part.

We’ll show you what we will do for you and if you like the sound of it you get our hands-on execution of that actual plan, calling upon all of the tactics and tools set out on the Marketing Communications Tactics pages of this site.

You get all this included in an annual, renewable contract. You can typically expect the fundamental elements of the strategy to have been put in place during the first quarter of us working together and finessed during the second quarter. At the end of the fourth quarter you can renew the contract - stepping up activity levels as appropriate, or you can hire a direct employee who we will, optionally, work with to hand-over the management of a fully established, successful programme of communications. A flexible ongoing relationship of support can also be negotiated as required.