Alan defined how CSR would communicate to the world from the beginning. If you want your start-up to be heard all over the world, Alan's your man.

Glenn Collinson
co-founder & former director of CSR Plc


Things you don't need to pay for...

This all sounds like it will cost money. Well, nothing is for nothing in this world but because of the model we have adopted with Cambridge Start-up Ltd, our costs are streamlined and consequently so are yours.

You don’t have any ongoing commitment to us beyond the annual contract and working with Cambridge Start-Up involves much lower costs that you might expect. In short, you make a very substantial saving on the costs normally associated with hiring direct employees to provide the services that we provide. But you get seasoned Marketing Communications professionals with proven track records and over twenty years of hands-on experience, executing an agreed, world class communications programme.

Any costs from third parties (such as service providers or exhibition organisers) are negotiated by us - but always agreed in advance with you, can be either invoiced directly or via Cambridge Start-Up.

Can you afford it? YES. We recognise that budget for Marketing Communications spend in a startup is implicitly linked to the stage of evolution your company is in. Whether you are Series A funded or in the run up to your IPO, we'll work with you to set out and cost a realistic programme of initiatives from as little to as much as is appropriate - and our fee will be in line with that activity level. Contact us to discuss costs in more detail.