Alan defined how CSR would communicate to the world from the beginning. If you want your start-up to be heard all over the world, Alan's your man.

Glenn Collinson
co-founder & former director of CSR Plc

About Alan Woolhouse

What’s so special about Alan Woolhouse anyway?

I have taken all of the knowledge and experience I have gained working in Marketing Communications for high technology companies for the last 20 years and distilled it into a coherent package specifically for start-up companies. I am uniquely familiar with the requirements of a start-up, and the limited budgets, so what we offer is what you need - not less and not more - to effectively position your company in both the customer and the investor communities.

Early investment in positioning is a critical success factor in a start-up’s evolution and should be part of your strategy to adopt a winning position on the world stage in advance of the run up to your IPO.

  • 20 years’ successful Marketing Communications experience
  • In depth knowledge and understanding of high technology companies
  • World class experience gained in a real world, global start-up success story

Hands on Marketing Communications based on solid experience

We're hands-on. We don’t write academic reports on how you might approach problems – we get stuck in and solve them. But don’t take my word for it – look at what CSR has achieved in the last decade and judge for yourself the contribution that world class Marketing Communications has made to this success.

There are plenty of full service marketing agencies around, all claiming to be able to help with your communications. With some of these companies it can take you longer to educate them about what makes your business tick than it would take to learn how to manage your Marketing Communications effectively yourself. There are a few good specialist agencies, staffed by experienced technology marketing professionals but they still need to interface to someone with the bandwidth, knowledge and experience required to instruct them on a day to day basis. They don’t develop coherent Marketing Communications strategies for you and they certainly won’t take responsibility for the real deliverables that actually matter. We will – just as you would expect from a directly employed senior officer of your company.

And finally there are a handful of truly great service providers. Over the past decade I have worked with many, many marketing service providers around the world. I have identified the truly world class organisations and systematically gravitated towards them. We have a very strong relationship with every relevant provider across all communications functions and that means that when you hire us you don’t just get me – you get a worldwide network of dedicated professionals ready to immediately go to work on your behalf.

We understand start-ups. We understand what the priorities are and we recognise that budgets are limited. We deliver results you would expect from much larger, more established companies with budgets one or two orders of magnitude larger than those available to a start-up. We will consistently exceed your expectations.