Alan defined how CSR would communicate to the world from the beginning. If you want your start-up to be heard all over the world, Alan's your man.

Glenn Collinson
co-founder & former director of CSR Plc

"I’m Alan Woolhouse, ex-CSR VP Marketing Communications and Director of Cambridge Start-up Ltd. We provide specialist, world class hands-on Marketing Communications for early stage, pre-IPO, high technology start ups."

And we're really quite good at it...

My experience as Vice President of Marketing Communications at CSR from the time the company was a start-up to today’s position as a global market-leader means that I've got a pretty good idea of what start-up companies need to achieve success. And I know how to provide it in the real world – I architected the Marketing Communications function at CSR from the start and managed it through the years that followed, so I'm in familiar territory.

And now I'm leveraging the benefit of that experience to provide world-class Marketing Communications for a small number of start-up companies on an affordable contract basis.

Consultant? I don’t want a consultant...

Consultants write fancy (and expensive) reports, often presenting to you what you already know. We don’t do that - but with zero obligation on your part we will prepare a detailed proposal, offering you expert counsel on a communications strategy that your company will 100% benefit from. We’ll cost it accurately and precisely, set out explicit deliverables, and we’ll give you an objective projection of what you can expect in terms of tangible and measurable return. We’ll propose specific actions and meet with you to agree them.

Then, and only then, if you decide to contract our services, we will explicitly make it all happen.

It’s that simple.